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As a leader in the field of chemicals for water treatment and environment will be your reliable partner.
Korea's No. 1. Wastewater Treatment Solution Company Mijoo Envichem
Mijoo Envichem Technology Research Institute takes the lead in creating values for customers by developing new products and improving product quality based on accumulated know-how and expertise in the environmental field.
In addition, it presents solutions optimized for environmental problems in industrial sites by performing R&D projects and developing eco-friendly products.
There are water treatment methods including physical, chemical, and biological treatment methods, among which the cheapest method that can maintain high treatment efficiency at the same time is the chemical treatment method using flocculents or coagulants.
To this end, our technology research institute with researchers specializing in application of organic and inorganic coagulants used in wastewater treatment, water purification, and sewage processes is putting its energy to develop new products and develop processes.
As a pioneer in Korea’s environmental chemistry, we promise to become a leader in the development of more progressive and innovative products as the best partner to solve customers’ difficulties.
1) Process improvement, and improvement of economic efficiency
A variety of chemicals are used in the water treatment process using coagulation process precipitation, such as coagulants, coagulation aids, and pH adjusters.
The types of drugs are selected according to the purpose of the treatment, and the concentration of the injection is determined according to the treatment standards.
If a flocculent or coagulant is excessively used, stable treatment is possible, but the amount of sludge is increased and the overall operating cost is high.
Mijoo Envichem diagnoses customers' water treatment process to maintain stable water treatment, and improve the processes to reduce operating costs and eliminate the use of toxic substances.
2) Replacement of toxic substances
Hydrochloric acid (and mixtures containing 10% or more thereof), sulfuric acid (and mixtures containing 10% or more thereof), sodium hydroxide (and mixtures containing 5% or more thereof) used for pH control during water treatment are toxic substances designated in Article 2 of the Chemicals Control Act.
The use of toxic substances in the water treatment process increases the operator's burden because the handler of toxic substances must strictly manage the maintenance of appropriate facilities and employees’ training in accordance with Article 5 of the Act.
Mijoo Envichem will develop non-toxic coagulants that simultaneously implement pH control and water treatment flocculents and coagulants, replacing acidic and basic acidic hazardous substances and applying them to the fields to reduce customers' burden in operations.
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