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As a leader in the field of chemicals for water treatment and environment will be your reliable partner.
Korea's No. 1. Wastewater Treatment Solution Company Mijoo Envichem
'ESG Solutions Partner'
Since its establishment in 1978, Mijoo Envichem is an environmental chemical company that has dedicated itself to the mission of “Making Clear Water” with differentiated products and technology and has contributed to environmental improvement for the future.
The 21st century is an era in which the efficient use of water resources determines the rise and fall of a country, and at the same time, environmental values take precedence over other economic and social values.
We have been playing a role as a partner in solving environmental problems and as a water protector for the people by constantly developing and supplying not only water treatment solutions that meet the on-site needs of customers but also 20 types of water treatment chemicals to the plants of semiconductors, displays, steel, and paper as well as various water treatment plants.

In particular, we have developed “MIJOO Total Water Chemical Solutions (TWCS),” which provide the best water treatment solution by reflecting the on-site operation conditions such as problems in the water treatment process and the need to improve efficiency, with our own technology, simply beyond the production and sales of products.
Furthermore, we are actively participating in solving the problems of environmental pollution caused by the increasing amount of waste, such as developing our own semiconductor waste recycling process.

Mijoo Envichem promises not to settle for being the best water treatment solution provider in Korea but instead strives to create new customer value through continuous R&D and a sense of mission to solve environmental problems.
Thank you.
CEO Park, Yun-Chul
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