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Korea's No. 1. Wastewater Treatment Solution Company Mijoo Envichem
Organic Polymer Solution
Organic polymeric coagulant
It is a product made from natural or artificially synthesized material that has coagulant properties as well as both electrical neutralization and bridging classified into anionic, cationic, and nonionic according to the properties of the polymer.
It is widely applicable to a variety of fields of industrial wastewater and public watertreatment plants such as urban sewage treatment plants.
Features of ZETACOA Series (EMULSION-TYPE)
Technical Support Services
Since its establishment as an environmental chemical company in 1978, Mijoo Envichem has built and operated four plants nationwide including its first plant at Namdong Industrial Complex in Incheon in 1989, manufacturing and supplying a variety of chemical products used in major large cities and industrial complexes.
In addition to the production and supply of products, we continue to develop technology through a variety of excellent technology certifications, patents, and government tasks through the operation of a technology research institute, seeking for advance to foreign countries such as Vietnam, and striving for efforts to improve the Asian environment.
* Testing to improve efficiency of new products and quality control for currently used items
* Technical support upon request when treatment efficiency is reduced due to various factors such as a change in wastewater and sludge
ZETACOA 7C 10C 16C 20C 25C
Degree of Ionizatio (%) 20 25 45 60 75
Molecular Weight (only) 600 or more 600 or more 550 or more 500 or more 650 or more
Packaging Unit - 20Kg Steel can/PE can
- 1ton tote-bin
- Bulk container
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